May 4, 2021

From style and class, to accessibility and convenience, home lifts offer a unique set of benefits. As elevator technology has come on leaps and bounds, installing an elevator in your home has become a realistic goal and here at Oman, we are proud to install some of the industry’s finest lifts. If you’re unsure whether a home lift is right for your property, we’ve put together a list of the benefits a residential elevator can offer you, below.


One of the main and prevailing reasons that anyone installs a residential elevator in their property is for accessibility purposes. However, even if you aren’t in desperate need for an accessible home right now, a home lift can help you future-proof your property for you and for your family. Residential lifts are an investment, but one that can help you stay at home for longer, providing accessibility between the floors of your home even if your mobility begins to deteriorate. In addition, it offers accessibility for guests such as grandparents or parents as they grow older too, offering independence where stairs might prevent it. With almost half of over-65s suffering from mobility concerns, future-proofing your home could make all the difference.


Home elevators can add significant value to your home if you choose to sell. Not only do they offer an additional selling point over other similar properties, but the ability to offer an accessible home is incredibly valuable to most buyers. Not only will it add monetary value to the home, giving you the ability to ask for a higher price, but it will also make your property stand out. As a general rule, homes with clear improvements and upgrades tend to sell better than those without, particularly where the upgrade offers better comfort in and around the home – in this case, with mobility. This can mean a higher asking price and a better chance of sale.


Home lifts offer better security and safety, particularly for residents who might struggle on the stairs such as those with limited mobility, older people or young children, or even for parents carrying young children up to bed. A residential lift offers increased safety by cutting down the risk of trips and falls on the stairs, particularly if the resident is usually unaided. It’s more comfortable and can make the whole home more accessible, with reduced risk of injury without limiting movement.


If you’ve been looking for that extra-special piece in your home, a home lift offers all the luxury and class you want with the added benefit of convenience and accessibility. After all, nothing oozes luxury quite like the ability to step into a lift and travel through your home. Guests will be wowed when they visit and you can enjoy the unique experience for yourself when you’re simply relaxing at home. Even if mobility isn’t an issue for you, being able to hop into the lift if you’re tired or just don’t fancy the climb up the stairs is a luxury you can cherish.

For advice on which home lift is best for you, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, today.